Forward thinking companies use Fushure to reward staffs, inspire leadership and build healthy competition

Give a gift that keeps on giving

Reward team members

Easily recognise and reward top performing team members

Valuable gifts

Gift valuable NFT gifts which they can hold or sell anytime for cash

Create competition

Easily set up rewards for team goals and office contests

Get started in 4 steps
Create an account

Create an account in one minute as your company admin. Your admin account will allow you create competitions, send rewards and manage your team

Start creating

Once your account is approved, you can start a competition or create an award for a team member from your dashboard in 2 minutes

Send rewards

Easily add your staff details from your dashboard and send them their rewards in one click! 

Rinse & repeat

Continue encouraging a culture of innovation and developing a problem-solving mindset for your team using Fushure

Millions of bosses don't know how to reward their staffs

Fushure helps to bring your team closer together through a simple and meaningful reward system to express appreciation for a colleague’s work. With Fushure, rewarding your team is fast, fun and easy. 

But why NFT gifts?

NFTs are unique one-of-a-kind gifts – you can’t find the replica anywhere else in the world! We believe people will value these rare unique art gifts way more than cash rewards. NFTs mostly come in rare art works which usually increase in value over a period of time. 

Inspire healthy competitions

Thousands of organisations around the world use Fushure to create healthy competitions for their teams. Staffs can unlock rare art rewards when they solve a problem in the office or when they do meaningful work that helps the company. 



> 3 staffs
$ 1000 One time fee
  • Give one award monthly
  • One competition monthly

Give your top staffs something to expect every month

Give your staffs an aha moment when they redeem their rewards for cash or a mystery box. Let your team know you have them in mind through premium experiences, rare NFT art works, cash-back, gifts and rewards they'll cherish for the rest of their lives.
  • For corporate organizations
You're in good company

Fushure NFTs are held by staffs of top companies

Rewards, made easy

From important work milestones to clever fixes, from customer support doing great work to birthdays and every moment in between, a gift can make anybody's day.

Introducing the Fushure token

Fushure Token

Fushure tokens are BEP-20 assets on the Binance smart chain used by creators leasing a listing plan for their NFT art on Cryptical. Only 10,000,000 Fushure Tokens will ever be made!

Who needs FSH?
FSH enables artists tokenise and list their arts automatically
FSH are growing in value - own part of something useful
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