Go from zero to 10k sales

Are you an artist with African themed original works? Go through our approval process, get some Fushure tokens to enable you upload your art. It get's tokenised automatically and available for trading. Earn and get paid in USD easily

How it works

Unlike other NFT platforms, you don't need to worry about gas or minting fees. You also don't need to create an account. Simply upload your art using the form; select if you want a fixed price or auction.

Track sales live. Receive notification for sales
Get paid
Fushure pays artists using their preferred method

You'll get an approval email and your art will be listed for sale on the marketplace.

Withdraw earnings
Withdraw your earnings in one click
Connect with your community
Tokenise & trade my art
Easy champ, leave the default value. This is the total circulation of your NFT once tokenised
Exchanges that trust us
You can't get anything from a popupBut

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