Two unconventional productivity tips in today’s busy world

Our world today is full of very busy people with very little results to show for it. Operational activities can overwhelm you on a regular work day and before you know it, it’s 5pm and you are on your way home. You spend the next two hours in commute.

Total progress achieved: zero.

Busyness is not productivity. Don’t get caught up in needless meetings or carrying out tasks that do not directly impact on the overall goal of your day. Yes, I’m aware organizations are structured differently but here are two not-so-regular tips to get more out of your day than you have been getting.

1. Stick to it

I know you’ve always heard you should take a break when you hit a road block. You’ve been told to go for a walk, stretch, drink water…those are the regulars.

I’m here to tell you to do the opposite. Your body listens to you and obeys you, don’t set the precedent that once your brain get’s a little tired, you walk off and refresh. That’s a bad precedent to set. You are basically telling your brain and your body that you are lazy and can’t stretch.

When you get tired, work for another 10 minutes. After that, work for another 10 minutes until the task is done.

This way, you are sending a signal to your brain that you aren’t lazy and when things appear as priorities on your calendar, you will get them done even if it means subjecting your body to an extra one hour of work.

The moment you complete the task, you send strong signals of satisfaction and confidence to your brain. If you are able to pull this off 3 times in a row, subjecting your body to discipline and completing tasks, your brain gets the drift that it can do impossible things.

Don’t fall for the lazy tips of taking a break. Of course, apply this within the limits of your body.

2. Go back to perfecting the basics

True effectiveness comes by doing the basis right.

Most people want to come up with something shiny and nice and at the end of the day, they spend too much time brushing up and they end up delivering projects late.

Some times, we spend too much energy adding features which are likely irrelevant and would be stripped off by your manager.

Just do the basic things right and deliver on time.

Is there room for making things look elegant? Yes.
Is there room for going the extra mile and over delivering? Yes! But if doing these will affect the quality of your work or timeline for delivery, cut it.

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