The simplest tip you’ll ever need to build influence in your office

Most times, it is difficult for us to connect with people at the office beyond work. Even more difficult is getting people to like you and get within your sphere of influence – influence in terms of being able to generate the power to shape ideologies or even change the direction of a project.

It’s a big deal to achieve anything in offices where there are different stakeholders, garnering the forces in your favor only happens when you have loads of influence.

Thankfully, you don’t need a position to build influence, you just need to start playing your cards right.

It is surprisingly easy to build friendships and influence people from anywhere. Practice this one tip this coming week when you show up at the office

Identify the people within the office whose knees are buckling under the weight of tasks and endless to-dos.Walk up to one of them and ask one simple question: “what is the one thing I can knock off your to-do that will make your day?”

Then go ahead and do it if it’s not too tasking. If it is big, offer support and see to it that you contribute deeply enough to move the needle.

Oh, one more thing: utilize the wonders of saying thank you. Find a ground to appreciate someone at the end of a work day. When you get home, do a Whatsapp message to a colleague and point out something nice that happened at the office and sincerely thank the person for having the courage or wisdom to do the right thing.

It doesn’t have to be a grandeous text, a simple “hey, love that you took the project in this direction” is simple enough but sends the right message.

Self leadership starts from building influence…and you can start as early as now.

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