A fushure proof token

Fushure token will let you tokenise & list your NFT in one click

Next move is yours

Every NFT gets tokenised here

The crypto revolution is underway and Cryptical is at the forefront of it; we've set out focus on NFTs, enabling artists tokenise their NFTs easily, giving fans, collectors and investors a chance to own a piece of their creation... We are reshaping the way anyone can earn interests and opening up the crypto market to ambitious people everywhere.

Exclusive Features

Community driven

Fushure is a 100% community-driven token, the team holds 0 tokens, no pre-mining, and every sale is used to add liquidity.

Power to mint
Armed with Fushure, upload your art and it will automatically be tokenised, given circulation and tradable
Power to give
Now, everyone can own a piece of your art, fully tradable and givng holders daily earnings
Exclusive Features

Token distribution

Total Supply – 10,000,000

Contract Address – ######################

Initial Burn – N/A

Airdrop – 5% of Total

Private Sale – N/A

Pre-sale – N/A

PancakeSwap LP – 95% of Total

247 support

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We know you have questions, here are a few answers

Open your Trust Wallet and go to Dappps Copy this link Paste in your Dapps search bar Select Binance Smart Chain Network

The minimum amount of Fushure coin to enable tokenisation and listing of your NFT on Fushure is $10. For investors & collectors, there is no minimum

If Elon Musk and Thomas Edison had a baby - that'll be Fushure! Our AI-powered market analysis + community allows us provide maximum benefit to holders and traders alike. Not to brag, but we are doing great so far! Ok ok, that was a humble brag.

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