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Our very best hand-picked NFTs for the very best staff in your organisation. Some team members deserve recognition, but a few that makes all the difference and they deserve more than recognition, they deserve the experience 😉

NFTs like its 2040

Inspire meaningful work

How do you thank a staff that made all the difference? We've designed the most exclusive experiences you can offer your 5-star employee...and it's fantastic! These premium NFTs guarantee get-away experiences in the heart of Africa, giving a fine blend of warmth, excitement, euphoria and a once in a lifetime chance at 'something different'!

Exclusive Features

Tailored experiences

No hassles, gain access to premium business gatherings, exclusive waiting areas in airports, 7 star hotels, travel tours round Africa, first class tickets...simply gift these special NFTs to your top performers and watch how your entire organisation bursts with energy, determination and motivation to do meaningful work. Give a future-forward reward that keeps your 5-star employees happy, expectant and motivated.

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