Not your regular NFTs

Value - guaranteed

Forward thinking rewards for holding special NFTs Premium African themed experiences backed by NFTs
Next move is yours

One NFT today

An experience in 5 years

Enough of NFTs which has it's value tied to kitties and games. We've designed the NFT for HNIs with real life value guaranteed to give you premium experiences

NFTs like its 2025

How it works

In what world can one NFT valued at $1000 give you experiences of $50,000? The world has gone crypto…we now live in a world where metaverses are a thing, virtual horse racing exists, virtual punks, virtual shopping…anything is possible and our special NFTs will enable you unlock future luxury of up to 50,000 USD by holding for just 3 years.

Exclusive Features

Completely seamless

No hassles, gain access to premium business gatherings, exclusive waiting areas in airports, 7 star hotels, travel tours round Africa, first class tickets...simply hold special NFT for 3 years to start enjoying the perks.

Current value
Valued at <1,000 USD
In 5 years
Over 50,000 USD in physical experiences

You have questions, yes?

I am Yole, founder of Fushure. Let me personally onboard you and answer all your questions

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