Rewarding brilliance in the workplace

You have a number of staffs all working to deliver the company’s corporate goals and vision – however, there are some people who do the most to ensure that goal gets delivered; these people pull weight, stay up late, make calls, fire up people, follow up on seemingly lost leads, constantly nudge prospects, show up at client’s events…these people move the needle.

For these guys, they do more than the job; they have found a deeper meaning. Very few people are born this way while other develop this trait as they grow in their careers. These high performers are spread across different organizations, they will succeed as entrepreneurs but aren’t. These guys have energy and can get work done.

They don’t do it for the money, ticking off items on the to-do list gives them short-lived excitement, they want to move on to tick the next one off the list and when it starts stalling, they engage every possible force in the universe to complete the task.

You’d be fortunate to have these kinds of people in your organization! It’s every CEO’s dream.

You are probably wondering why you don’t have one such person. You probably do but champions need an environment to succeed. The moment you cultivate the right environment, they suddenly start budding and sprout up with such grace you won’t believe it. Business owners around the world need to study their most effective people, find out what makes them tick and replicate it across the entire organization.

While our top performers are not necessarily motivated by money or recognition, they still need to be appreciated and once people feel appreciated, it’s fuel for more. You need to reward brilliance and let individuals know that you see them and you care about them. This reward is not limited to money and hanging a “staff of the month frame” at the office. You should think towards intrinsic rewards that communicates deeper meanings to people and help them form attachment deeper than loyalty. Once people gain that sort of recognition, their convinction is at a place of no return. Thankfully, Fushure studies your staffs and helps you discover these extrinsic rewards that mean the world to them, you can then put it on auto pilot and create processes that enables the habit of doing exceptional work infect everyone else – because really, thats the joy of every CEO: star performers owning tasks in every angle of the organization.

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