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TOP UTILITY NFT – Spice up your love life with an all expense paid trip to Africa’s top leisure parks in 5 years by holding this NFT.

Been to Disneyland? What do you think the ultimate African equivalent is? Where do you see yourself and your partner in 5 years? How would you love to take an all expense paid trip to the most scenic relaxation centres in Africa’s top cities? Think Lagos, Abidjan… The Bounty Premium NFT is the first of it’s kind NFT that will guarantee you a gamified experience with a focus on the African culture. Experience bliss on a whole new wavelength with your best friend.

The Bounty Premium NFT is your access and matures in 5 years, it includes an all expense paid trip for two people to one of the following places: Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Senegal or Madagascar, and a promise of spicing up your love relationship through leisure, games, yoga, sessions with pleasure experts and extreme relaxation under the bright sun of African skies.

This NFT accords holders, whether married or not, privileges and experiences they will never forget in a lifetime. So whether you are married looking to surprise your significant other, or you dating and hoping to spice things up, or you are single and planning to walk down the aisle, this is a perfect way to plan 5 years down the line with minimal commitment and rewards 100x over.

An ideal reward for yourself or for someone special.

This NFT is transferrable and it’s transfer can be validated via the blockchain – making it a viable investment if the original holder deems it fit he/she would be unable to make the trip when mature. Sales of this NFT in the secondary market does not attract any form royalty fees.

Amount: $19,999 

Released: 23 September 2021

Maturity/redemption time: 5 years

Transferrable: Yes

Transaction Hash: 0xcf2f8548f9912d5e79df87afa00c56c056f40207cf49ca0eb643ce38388990db

Verify on Blockchain: Click here


Upon selling this NFT/transferring the rights to someone else, Fushure has to be notified when transferring an NFT so the records can be updated from our end. While we can always verify the ownership of NFTs as they are transferred on the blockchain, this process isn’t automatic and we often need to manually update our records…we are premium that way!

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