Product Description

TOP UTILITY NFT – Unlock all expense paid trips to Africa’s top business locations and invite-only exclusive business gatherings in 5 years by holding this NFT.

With the Access Exclusive NFT, you enjoy the privilege of exclusive access to business in Africa’s way, with all expense paid trips to a number of African cities including Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Cairo, Durban, Dakar, Abuja, Porto-Novo, Luanda among other top destinations. Holding the Access Exclusive NFT accords you professional experiences and high impact first level connections you don’t get everyday.

Make no mistake, buying and holding the Access Exclusive NFT would bring you into a class of premium like-minded business people, it is designed in such a way that the trip to Africa’s finest economic nerve centres would be in cohorts of groups who can provide value to one another in business – forging lasting relationships and helping expand business empires.

The Access Exclusive NFT holders would enjoy complimentary meals from 5 star restaurants, in-city tours, up to one week of luxury stay in selected hotels in top business inclined cities, as well as entry tickets for local business summits, limited-spot casual business talks/networks and invite only closed door networking sessions.

Ideal reward for a business themed vacation in the heart of Africa

This NFT is transferrable and it’s transfer can be validated via the blockchain – making it a viable investment if the original holder deems it fit he/she would be unable to make the trip when mature. Sales of this NFT in the secondary market does not attract any form royalty fees.

Amount: $21,000 

Released: 21 September 2021

Maturity/redemption time: 5 years

Transferrable: Yes

Transaction Hash: 0xd15a5bb103eee69dd46249b46f61cd56a24070d6f83c59299809ad7a37bb9746

Verify on Blockchain: Click here


Upon selling this NFT/transferring the rights to someone else, Fushure has to be notified when transferring an NFT so the records can be updated from our end. While we can always verify the ownership of NFTs as they are transferred on the blockchain, this process isn’t automatic and we often need to manually update our records…we are premium that way!

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