NFTs for HNIs – How to unlock the true value of NFTs in a short while

NFTs for HNIs – How to unlock the true value of NFTs in a short while

Hey, have you ever wondered if NFTs will actually deliver true value back to collectors? To be honest Crypto Kitties are cool, those tiny little crypto punk heads are nice-to-have and we love them too. Validation in our industry is everything so it’s always a pleasure when institutional investors jump in, Visa got in, purchased an NFT worth 2.5 million Dollars. I would drop the link but nah, just Google it. Speaking of Google, a 12 year old recently made $400k in 2 months selling NFTs with code he got off Google! Amazing times we live in…and while these crypto wins pops up every once in a while across the internet, we are constantly seeking to understand how best to deliver value back to NFT enthusiasts, collectors, traders and investors.

We work out of a storey building in the economic nerve centre of Africa – Lagos, with teams across 2 continents and we have been asking ourselves – how can we make NFTs deliver real life value in a short time?

You see the crypto world is funny. In 2015, Bitcoin was worth $313 and by 2021, a cool $29k. Apple had only grown from $19.93 to $147 in the same time. We’ve put things in context for you as you can see from the image chart below

Price chart of bitcoin vs stock market prices of top 5 companies - Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon
Price chart of bitcoin vs stock market prices of top 5 companies – Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon


The data is crazy. We trust data. The crypto world offers the only chance at thousands of profit.

Cryptocurrencies are the new asset class, it’s no longer shares and stocks. In the same way, NFTs are the value mechanism in this new world. NFTs will authenticate the world and it has already started. Ask the guys at Beeple.

But there is a challenge. NFTs as we know it today is still in it’s version one; we are yet to see the full implementation of NFTs or witness it’s true power – which is why we are pushing the limits of NFTs as we know it to a brave new level.

Most of the NFTs today have their value tied to gaming – which limits their total possible value to the number of gamers; and it’s a massive gamble as well assuming that the game would be successful enough to drive the value up. A number of NFTs in the market are tied to the reputation of artists, collectors are hoping the artist would become a significant player in the space which will in turn drive up the value in the secondary market. Technically, if an artist stops developing himself/herself and fails to increase in popularity, their art may be stuck in perpetual low value mode unless something dramatic happens.

At Fushure, we are aiming to make art collection simple and tied to real life values. For example, our special NFTs will enable people buy an Exclusive Access NFT which will unlock a variety of luxuries redeemable after holding the NFT for 3 years minimum. The way it works is that we believe just like Bitcoin jumped from $3,000 t0 $29,000 between 2019 and 2021, NFTs hold the same potential to dramatically improve in value and we have laid down the most luxurious redeemable value including access to 7 start hotels, first class plane tickets, admission into prestigious invite-only business groups, travel tours in Africa’s finest tourist centres among others. Using the power of blockchain, the owner of these high-value NFTs can be verified and ownership can be transferred or sold in real time at the click of a button. These special NFTs are tokenised and are produced in limited quantity. We believe that a $1,000 NFT today will unlock the finest experiences in 3 years and we’ve gone out of our way to secure deals, partnerships and commitments to make it possible.

Ready for a ride into the fushure? Special NFTs are special and as such, not immediately available to everyone. Fushure enables folks access the $20 billion a year African art market and earn from it – but our special NFTs are reserved for a few. If you dare to think you deserve one of these, our CEO is happy to have a one on one chat with you.

Click here to get a personal chat and get started.

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