Making NFT ownership divisible and easy

Making NFT ownership divisible and easy

We believe NFTs can have shared ownership, instead of owning 100% of an item, you can own 2%,  45% or any amount of that particular NFT. The way it works is simple, using Bitcoin as an example, 1 Bitcoin as of today (4th October 2021) is worth $48,211.76. Most people don’t own 1 bitcoin, they own just a fraction of it because that’s what they can afford. Bitcoin has 8 decimals which is why you can buy bitcoin with as little as $10 or below. If it wasn’t divisible like this, you would have to come up with the entire $48k in order to buy bitcoin. NFTs on the other hand in it’s current form most usually art works, requires the buyer to come up with the entire money in order to buy the item. We took the same principle behind bitcoin and applied it to NFT tokens, we have literally created NFTs verifiable on a blockchain and we did a little bit more: they are tokenised, divisible and instantly tradable! So now, you can co-own an expensive piece of art and while other owners of the same piece trade it (buy and sell), your share value increases. How did we achieve this? You may have heard of Safemoon, a token that takes a percentage of every trade to distribute back to holders, well, we added that little bit too – but instead of increasing the holdings of hodlers, it distributes value back to holders in Dollar value instantly seen on your Fushure dashboard.

So why did we do this? Well, 2 things: Coinbase introduced the first 1 million people to crypto through grit, we are an ambitious lot here at Fushure and we trust we can bring the next 100 million people through ease and community.

Ease: The thing with expensive items is that they are, well, expensive and it puts people off because people have genuine needs – food, clothing, shelter plus bills and other vital needs. People tend to meet their immediate needs before thinking about securing their future; we came up with a unique way to allow people hold assets that can potentially change their lives in a few years time. Our radical approach with divisible NFTs means the under-served can now access premium asset class items they never had the opportunity to access before. Now, with as little as $1, over a billion people regardless of their background or financial status can deliberately build a portfolio, create wealth and change their lives. We kept things simple; maintaining a familiar grid layout and limiting the use of geek words as well as supporting fiat payment options during checkout. Alongside this ease of access is the ability to earn; these NFTs can experience rapid short term price movement allowing for day traders to gain a profit on the trading floor instantly. Now more than ever, the power to earn is spread more evenly – Web 3.0 – permissionless!

Community: Community and social proof builds trust. This is why we’ve taken the more difficult approach to create a community of enthusiasts, newbies and highly risk-averse individuals, nurture them through training and proof. We are not in doubt that blockchain technology will change the world so we are doing our bit to ensure everyone is carried along. Through initiatives like the Fushure Applause and gaming, we are uniting people of diverse backgrounds together with one goal in mind: flip the current unsustainable work model on its head and enable anyone radically change their lives through quick and verified information, tools and platforms that fits their risk profile. The question is – are you in?

Now would be a good time to remember that NFTs can fund your dream lifestyle. If you didn’t already know that, check out this article.

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