Making Mondays Great Again In Your Office

Have you taken a moment to observe how your employees look on Monday? Not their clothes, their enthusiasm and burst. Is it in place? Do people brisk around the office on Monday morning pumped up for work? If that’s not happening, you might want to check if you are running a workplace people will rather walk away the moment an opportunity pops up.

Your team should be excited to show up on Monday. Around the world, people celebrate weekends. They’ve even coined a term for it – TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) because they can’t wait to get away from work and turn off their laptops, turn a blind eye to all work emails and ignore sms from their manager. Fridays are a thing of joy but people should be equally eager to get back to work on Monday.

One thing that is very prevalent in our world today is the way we’ve made our jobs look like it’s a boring chore society designed to keep us busy in exchange for money at the end of the month. Endeavour to make your workplace different. Companies like Google championed the introduction of fun and really good perks to the office; adding ping pong tables, gyms, massage and spa, food, even electric cars if you need to take a quick trip out of the office. Several companies have followed that pattern, making coffee and several attracting perks available. This has been fueled further by startups running on VC money, it’s part of the operation cost.

Pay attention to the danger, you might be offering these perks and not make a dent in people’s perception of the work environment because it goes beyond offering PS5 and a lawn tennis court.

To build a culture that works, extrinsc motivations and attractive perks are good but people work with people – invest in hiring people who are not motivated by perks and pay. People need to know beyond their skill. If you take nothing away from this entire writeup, take this: hire people for their attitude not for their skill. This will solve your culture problems. Organizations have focused too much on hiring competent people that they have now succeeded in filling up the workplace with people of low quality attitude and this poses a challenge because people work with people, if your desk is next to a toxic person, you can never enjoy going to work even if you love what you do. The moment organizations look beyond skill as the major criteria for hiring, they start to evolve into the workplace of the future: community/family-like.

Good behaviour is a super power.

Hire for attitude, not skill alone.

Thankfully, at Fushure, we are quite good at finding the intersection between skill and good behaviour. We are not an HR firm (yet) but we are quite efficient at transforming workplaces – this translates into: we are really good at changing people’s behaviours by identifying their motivations and enabling people define a deeper meaning to work. Talk to us if you need to transform your workplace and make Mondays happy again.

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