Client :

Simera leads in the areas of engineering, produrement, construction and project management. They have become a pace setter in powering Progress, crafting solutions and innovation


Corporate branding: our task was to create stunning visuals that represented the brand positively and helped them shape perspectives for new prospects

What we did for Simera allowed them to actively define how they are perceived by the public. By strategically shaping their brand image, they can influence the way stakeholders view their values, mission, and overall identity.


We were also tasked with creating a well-established corporate brand to trigger customer loyalty. We went ahead to create merchandise and designs that made them more attractive to their current customer base and pull in new buyers


Creatingn a difference through branding

Our work with Simera helped the company redefine its unique identity and differentiate itself from competitors. Our joy is that we were active participators in their journey to create a distinct image that sets the company apart in the minds of consumers