Client :

Odior Yole is a well-rounded solutions architect with 12+ years of experience empowering Governments & Captains of Industries through tech consultations. He founded multiple top startups and functions in the capacity of a productivity & Leadership Coach


We were tasked with building a unique personal portfolio website that speaks experience + relevance, and it has to connect with today's digital audience.

We needed to be emphatic on his past experience and that meant finding good space to consistenctly push his previous achievements


We needed to move people from the knowledge of his experience into his present relevance in the tech industry. We succinctly captured that


A vital part of web design is that it can connect with the intended audience. For us, we clearly defined that and went for it boldly


At the core of it, we supported learning, immersive experiences, and a solid avenue for commerce - a site that works and ticks all the boxes!


A site that works and ticks all the boxex

Building to attract and serve multiple audience types is not as straightforward - but we are excited about our delivery and how the client expressed satisfaction with the job done