How to get good crypto projects

How to get good crypto projects

One NFT can change your life.

Here’s how to get a great one:

You’ve probably bought and invested in lots of cryptos and NFTs over the years – some great, some not. One thing we’ve learned is that finding success in the crypto world is never an accident

The features of a great investment in crypto/NFT:

– Good use case (utility)

– Knowledgeable team

– Definable growth chart

– Partnership with other projects

– Deals even with non-crypto entities

– Clear value



But above all these, the project needs to do one or all three of these things:

– Make people’s financial dreams possible in future

– Solve a real world problem using blockchain

– Provide access to an otherwise restricted service/product/lifestyle


If you are looking to get in on a project, remember that the crowd is not always right at all times. Personal conviction and research is key.

Good use case (utility):

Let’s point out some good utility projects.

MATIC is building the API for crypto service, would increase the adoption of crypto worldwide rapidly and with very low gas fees

BTT is building a decentralized cloud storage, it’s AWS but build on blockchain and decentralised

VET is building a blockchain-powered supply chain platform, they already have partnership with Microsoft and top FCMG

SOL is building a blockchain technology’s permissionless service to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, essentially could replace finance as we know it today in 3 to 5 years

In the same way, Fushure has set out to enable people access luxury, top rated vacations, restricted high profile business gatherings, invite only meetings, network and first class travel by merely holding an NFT.

Knowledgeable team:

Nothing replaces skill and know-how. A team might have a strong use case but if they lack a proper team to implement ideas, work on feedback and market it properly, it’s going no where. A good team forms the backbone for a successful project.

Definable Growth Chart:

What are the prospects for that particular project in the next 5 years? How about ten years time? Will they still be relevant? It’s quite dicey and tricky to predict these things but everyday till 2050 and beyond

people would need to store files (Filecoin).

People would need to move goods from one part of the world to the other, meaning there would be great demand for a logistics (Vechain)

You get the drift now?

So what do you say to an all expense paid to luxury locations of choice around the world? Did I mention it’s a first class ticket? How does a trip to the warm waters of Zanzibar for one week sound? You might be interested in a tourist visit to the economic nerve centres of Africa

Lagos, Cairo, Jo’burg, Dakar…see business done the African way, access close door seminars and build lasting network.

Access by holding just one NFT.

Get started at

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