How to encourage audacity within your organization

Most employees want to take the mandate and just run with it and many organizations allow people to be fluid in this manner. Usually, people crash and burn…then settle for the norm after this experience. They never get to spread their wings again and the organization loses vital thoughts, ideas and innovations ok the long run.


As a forward thinking organization, how do you encourage audacity?

There are 2 keys to transform people into audacious employees consistently delivering their best work


1. It’s ok to fail

Your culture should in fact encourage people to fail and wear the badge as an honor. If you will be at the forefront, shaping society and changing narratives, your top talents must be allowed to fail at projects.

Alienating people who failed and making a public show of them will stop them and others from daring. Most times, we are diplomatic, we just sideline them and limit their opportunities. The message is the same, when people drop the ball and you fail to allow them pick it up, everyone takes notice and becomes more careful.

Carefulness doesn’t birth audacious moves. Of course, there has to be the balance. People should not consistently drop the ball and expect to be given more opportunities because organizations thrive on competence. However, you must give room for people to try and try again. Sit with them, identify the challenges and take away the road blocks – this will enable people feel comfortable and keep getting better.


2. Consistency

People need to understand that consistency comes before audacity. Organizations must enforce consistency as a practice. Encourage your people to spend at least 20 percent of their time daily tinkering on new ideas and processes to make the company more efficient. Of course, this is to be done in a way that doesn’t impact their daily work.

Anyone can be your top employee and performer, you just need to find time to groom then people can launch audacious goals under the umbrella of your company.


Keep these two on your front burner for 3 months and you’ll start growing a set of audacious employees.


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