How can today’s employees can use AI to get ahead?

AI is here to stay. How can today’s employees can use AI to get ahead?

Using chatGPT to generate content is so 2022. Your boss can smell it a mile away and would frown at it. Some people don’t bother rewording the articles, they just copy and paste.

Just this morning, someone shared how a professional copywriting agency dropped 85% of their workforce, keeping just 15% to handle the editing of articles they generate using chatGPT.

Services like Copilot for Github or Ghostwriter for Replit exists to help coding.

New AI tools can help you create stunning designs, generate product images, create marketing videos, make sense of business data and predict critical market and price movements.

Are you still stuck at generating content? Here are the top AI tools to help you get work done faster.

Klu AI: An AI powered search engine. They are faster then Google and claim to be more accurate in results

Tonkean: Make sense of business data in an intuitive dashboard you’ll love

Microsoft Designer: Canva killer.

Murf AI: Helps you create quality voice overs from text input

Quinvio AI: Now you can save time and create video presentations

Harvey AI: You already know this, your Harvey Specter. Handle all your legal concerns using Harvey AI

Supercreator AI: Handle your video marketing like a pro using this AI to create spetacular short form videos

RemoveBG: Perhaps the most popular. Remove image background using the power of AI

ChatGPT – You didn’t think it will still make the list right? This made the list not because of content generation but for the purpose of using it to generate corporate training materials for employees. It can even be used to manage tight schedules and become your virtual assistant.

As an emaployee, the question is not which of these tools can you use to make your work easier and more presentable? AI goes beyond making this better, time is the thing. AI should be deployed to save time, which of these tools can you use to save time?

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