Fushure forward thinking

Fushure forward thinking

What is the most successful hit in entertainment history worldwide? You probably want to say Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, raking in over $500 million since its debut in 1982. The Harry Porter novel is the best selling book in history with over $1 billion. How about the most successful movie of all time? Maybe Avengers Endgame, which rakes in a cool $2.8 billion in 2019.


But hey, a video game released in 2013 has generated well over $6 billion! I’ll give you a minute to come to terms with that number, $6 billion dollars – more money than the greatest music album, the highest selling book and the highest-grossing movie of all time. That game is Grand Theft Auto V, a game about robbing banks and running from cops.


The same thing is happening with crypto right now.


Cryptocurrencies are the new asset class; it has almost replaced shares and stocks. NFTs are the value mechanism in this new world that helps you authenticate your assets. Eventually, NFTs will authenticate the world and it has already started.


Let’s get a proper understanding of NFTs first; assuming I deposit 100 Naira in my bank account, if I go back to withdraw it tomorrow, the bank gives me a hundred Naira note but it most certainly isn’t the exact note I deposited they are giving me back. Basically, 100 Naira note holds the same value anywhere in Nigeria regardless of whether it is worn out or shiny new; it is fungible – because it can be replaced with another but hold the same value. NFTs are non-fungible in nature – this means it is unique and cannot be replaced with something else. An example of a non-fungible item is a domain name, goods and assets that are not interchangeable such as houses, a unique art work.


How Fushure is shaping Africans for NFTs

NFTs outperformed every other asset class in 2020 and are well on track to do the same this 2021. It is quite worrisome that Africans have not really taken part in the space as such. NFTs have sold in millions of dollars and will continue to – and Fushure is on a mission to get the next 100 million Africans to partake.


If you were to buy an NFT on Opensea or some other popular NFT marketplace, you would have to come up with the entire amount for the piece or digital work. Fushure has developed a mechanism that tokenises art works and allows anyone purchase and own small percentages of NFTs. This massive drop in capital requirement and ability to co-own a piece with thousands of people enables anyone to trade and start earning from NFTs almost instantly.


As we take a bold step into Web 3.0 pushing a permission-less community-focused service, we try our best not to leave anyone behind so you can find a familiar grid look on our shop section and easy checkout options which supports payment with your regular debit/credit cards using Paypal.


Binance popularised crypto in Africa; Fushure is introducing the next 100 million people to crypto and NFTs through ease, profit and community.


At Fushure, we believe in NFTs that are useful. Most of the NFTs in the market are digital collectibles whose value is tied to games or tied to the artist’s reputation banking on the mere hope that it would do well in the secondary market. Fushure removes the need for speculation and deliberately lists only NFT assets with significant use cases, guaranteed to go up in value. For instance, this top utility NFT named the Access Exclusive unlocks an all expense paid trip to Africa’s top business locations and high value invite-only exclusive business gatherings in 5 years time.

With the Access Exclusive NFT, holders enjoy the privilege of exclusive access to business in Africa’s way, with all expense paid trips to a number of African tier-one business oriented cities including Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Cairo, Durban, Dakar, Abuja, Porto-Novo, Luanda among other top destinations. Holding the Access Exclusive NFT accords holders professional experiences and high impact first level connections they don’t get everyday.


Get started with Fushure for free and receive a welcome bonus of an amazing NFT if you sign up today. If you missed bitcoin in 2010 or you missed Ethereum in 2015, NFTs in 2021 is your next best chance. Register at www.fushure.com to claim your free NFT now

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