Without their permission

NFT trading, intentionally made easy

For creators

You've spent time creating art but having a hard time selling it...until now. Fushure will take you from zero to 10k sales in a short time.

Ignore the meta
Minting and tokenisation is automatically done for you
Sell like crazy
Go from 0 to 10k sales at the click of a button
Public proof
Don't worry about NFT storage as well.We've got that covered for ya
Rare gems
Discover rare digital collectibles for all your metaverses and experiences

For everyone else

Start earning daily by owning a small piece of a massive NFT. Earn every time it is traded. We won't bother you with charts and candlestick views, trade conveniently using using your credit/debit card, cash out in USDT

Zero complexity
Yea right, no charts, no candlesticks, no swapping, no copying contract addresses...simply buy and sell in one click using Paypal
Simply click on withdrawal from your profile, input your Paypal email or your USDT wallet and you're good to go! Easy as ABC
Be known
Get full recognition for your work, sell your art or simply license it
Global stage
No more walls, it's all bridges and access for you now.
Exchanges that trust us

Our mission

Our mission is to enable artists find meaning, profit and recognition while giving collectors easy access to the community and earning power

Our goal

We are working hard to become the leading NFT platform for talented, deserving and underserved artists – bridging the gap between talent and opportunity at scale. It is our intention to outgrow this goal in 5 years. 

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